100% Herbal And Effective Ayurvedic And Naturopathic Treatments For Families

A common household suffers from a wide range of medical conditions, ranging from seasonal allergies to severe asthma. Beyond the allopathic treatment, the Ayurveda and Naturopathy have proven to be the systems of natural healing. With no side effects and use of purest ingredients in the products, these health supplements, herbal extracts, ayurvedic oils, herbal capsules, and nutraceuticals are the ultimate solutions for perfect health and wellbeing. At Ayuna, we support the natural healing and balance in Vedic doshas by manufacturing our own products through exotic herbs, natural extracts, herbal water, and essential oils.

At Ayuna, our primary goal is to help individuals and families in achieving a balanced life without being supported by prescription drugs, suffering through difficult medical conditions and undergoing complicated surgeries. With every product manufactured, we ensure that we consider the entire body-mind-spirit connection with bio-individuality of the consumers. Our research team is constantly striving to innovate new products to suit the specific needs of the consumers at a larger scale – helping in naturally treating and preventing a wide range of medical conditions.

Benefits Of Ayurvedic And Naturopathic Products

The products at Ayuna are innovated to achieve a perfect balance between three Vedic doshas, namely Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. The imbalance in these doshas or dynamic energies adversely affects the body system, leading to ailments and medical issues. Having a full control of the doshas promotes natural healing and well-being in all aspects (Mental, physical and emotional).

  • Vata – Primarily controls motion, mobility, breathing, circulation
  • Pitta – Governs metabolism, including body temperature, digestion, absorption of nutrients, and energy usage
  • Kapha – Controls growth and nourished the immunity of the body

At Ayuna, we have the most effective herbal products in various types of Ayurvedic oils, herbal capsules, nutraceuticals and single herbs – minimally priced and quality assured. Browse through our online stock and order our products at great discounts now!