Inflammation is basically our body’s response against foreign entities like bacteria, viruses,
fungi and other parasites that invade our body systems and disrupt their normal physiology.
What happens in this process is that the white blood cells of the host fight against these
agents to restore regular functioning of the body. In contrast, there is another type of
inflammation which does not involve any outsider i.e bacteria or viruses to trigger the
reaction but the body’s own tissues surprisingly stimulate the immune system resulting in
destruction of one’s own cells and normal structures. A few examples of inflammatory
diseases include arthritis(inflammation of joints), asthma, back pain, gastritis and
ileitis(inflammation of gut) etc.

Medicinal uses of Ayurveda

Ayurvedic medicines are one of the most considered and preferred treatments for different
ailments in across the world. These have been used since medieval ages and are believed to have
substantial effects against diseases like diabetes, joint pain and many more. Ayurvedic
treatment comprises contents like herbs and natural products extracted from various plants.
Also one needs to maintain a healthy diet and get rid of a sedentary lifestyle for Ayurvedic
products to be effective.

For the record, there has been a variety of Ayurvedic products which have been selling in
Australian market for years. Now they are also available on different pages which offer Ayurvedic
products online. In this era of extreme competition, many incompetent bodies are working to
make their position in the market of Ayurvedic products Australia. Besides, Joint-S is a very
authentic and credible product which can be used for the treatment of inflammation of joints,
gut etc like AMAVATA(Rheumatoid arthritis), SANDHIGATA(Osteoarthritis ). Our product
is very effective and includes herbs like turmeric(haridra), boswellia(sallaki), moringa, long

Role of turmeric and other herbs in treating inflammation

As the main ingredient of our product, Joint-S, let’s discuss some startling qualities of Turmeric
turmeric which is derived from curcuma longa plant. One of its components, Curcumin, is the
leading cause of effects of turmeric that does wonders while treating inflammation. It has
outstanding anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin reinforces the body’s antioxidant power
and makes it capable to combat the causative agents. It also makes our body release elevated
amounts of dopamine and serotonin which help in improving to perform different body
functions. Turmeric is advantageous in inflammatory diseases affecting the brain as well by
releasing brain derived neurotrophic factor(BDNF). In addition, moringa is also a rich source
of antioxidants and plays an important role in ameliorating inflammation. Boswellia is
another remarkable anti-inflammatory product that helps in the prevention of cartilage loss
which is a major concern in arthritis. Indian long pepper holds specific chemical substances
in it which make it useful to destroy the parasites and ultimately resolve inflammation.

What’s unique about our product

Joint-S is a blend of all the qualities that are possessed by these herbs and work effectively
against inflammation. Our product is solely made up of the genuine herbs which we have
mentioned as ingredients and no synthetic materials have been added which makes it unique
from other Ayurvedic products in India. Joint-S is available in markets as well as online
stores all over India.