The term Ayurveda means “ science of life” , it deals with healthy living for entire lifespan. Besides dealing with the principles of maintenance for god health, it also provides wide range of therapeutic measures to combat the disease.

The main principles of positive health and therapeutic cures related to physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing were well connected with in the principles of Ayurvedic Medicine. Ultimately, the main objective of Ayurvedic Medicine is to lead happy life and healthy lives and age gracefully, free from the burden of disease.

Ayurveda: originated 5000 years back in India in the pre-vedic times. According to Ayurveda this universe has originated from five elements, Prithvi (earth), jala (Water), Agni (fire), Vayu (Air) and Aaksh (ether) and at the same time they are the essential constituents of human body. Five human sense organs are all under the control of Mind, the mind composed of Satwa,  rajah and Tamo, while jive atma (SOUL) pervades the entire body and creates consciousness.  All the five elements constitute the body in various objective and subjective forms such as Doshas (metabolic components) and Dhatus (Vital physiological target organs) and Malas (excreatory products).

What is Dosha ?

There are three vital doshas that controls the physiological and psychological functions in the body are VATA (air), PITTA (fire) and KAPHA (fluid).

VATA: is composed of air and space and it is characterised by being changeable cold, active, dry, clear and light.

PITTA: is composed of Fire and water and it is characterised by being oily, intense, hot, light, fluidly and sharp.

KAPHA: is composed of water and earth and it is characterised by being oily, sticky, cold, heavy, moist and sluggish.

What is Dhatu?

As mentioned previous they are the end organs or tissue where the function of doshas will be manifested- they forms the vital components of the body.

The essence of all seven DHATUS is considered as “ OJUS” (Immunity), which helps in nourishing all the vital components of the body and ensures the perception and actions are function well- means it coordinates the entire metabolism in the body to keep the mind and sense organs are active and promotes longitivity.

Any deficiency, excess or vitiation of either Dosha or in Dhatus induces a disease. Often, an imbalance in any of the five universal elements leads to a disruption of the body physiological functions and lead to epidemic disease. Ayurveda always aims to keep the equilibrium in all the parameters by following healthy life style, healthy eating and exercise.