Turmeric: A wonderful healing herb

According to conventional research and traditional Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric (Curcumin)(haridhra ) used as one of the best spice with wonderful healing properties such as anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, skin cleanser, smoothens the skin and much more. 

If it’s used in combination with ginger or pepper the absorbability of turmeric will increase. However, mostly used combinations are turmeric with ginger or turmeric with pepper, but According to Ayurvedic medicine, it’s better to use Long Pepper than round Pepper. We use Long Pepper (Piper Longum) for enhanced absorbability. 


What makes turmeric better absorbed?

Most of the supplements use Bio-Perine from black pepper to make it more bio-available. According to traditional Ayurvedic medicines, it’s better to be used with Long pepper ( Piper Longum), which used for an anti-inflammatory purpose.

Joint- S is blended with high-quality curcumin 95% and Piper longum (Bio-Piperin).

It only contains good quality tested Curcumin and Piperin, it also enhanced with Moringa leaves and Boswelia, which is added advantage of using JOINT-S


What is the evidence that Curcumin or Turmeric works?

  • Research shows it has numerous benefits and may help with preventing dementia and reduce your risk of cancer.


  • Research has also indicated that there are low rates of certain types of cancer in Asian countries where people eat turmeric or curcumin at levels of about 100mg to 200mg a day over long periods of time. 


  • Curcumin which is the active principle in Turmeric blocks NF-kB, the substance that moves into the cell nucleus and turns the genes on for inflammation, which is key for many chronic diseases.


  • Turmeric is potential antioxidant: it will stabilize the free radicals with its chemical structure.


  • Promotes brain neurotrophic factor, which helps in preventing brain diseases.


  • According to Ayurvedic medicine, it is widely used for managing blood sugar levels, upper respiratory problems, micro and macrovascular problems due to diabetes, bacterial and viral infections.

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